Heat Network Regulations Surveys

The Heat Network Regulations affect commercial and domestic property landlords of multi-let properties where heating, cooling or hot water is supplied to tenants through a district or communal heating network.

The regulations mean, as a landlord, you are now legally obliged to provide detailed information about those networks to a central body, and to install meters on all affected properties. The aim of the regulations is to allow users of heating, cooling and hot water supplies to be aware of the level of their consumption and thus be incentivised to reduce that consumption.

The next deadline will be in mid-2017 (at the time of publishing the NMO have not confirmed the exact date). By this time, where there is more than one final customer, heat suppliers that operate DHNs or CHs must ensure that meters are installed in that building to measure the consumption of heat, cooling or hot water by each final customer, unless it would not be technically feasible or cost effective to do so.

Not complying with these regulations can lead to a fine of up to £5,000 per offence.

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