Building & Land Aerial Surveys

Our Building & Land Aerial Surveys combine the latest advances in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) with innovative uses of imaging equipment to perform a wide range of high quality mapping & aerial surveys. UAVs are the perfect solution to get up-to-date high resolution imagery filling in the gaps from other survey methods by providing more recent & more precise data.

In addition to surveys and mapping of buildings and land we also offer thermography, which ties in with the environmental ‘Energy’ side of plymCo. Thermography is useful from an energy conservation point of view, but also from a civil service point of view, as the police are able to detect heat signatures from potential criminal installations such as cannabis farms.


We produce aerial surveys with the very detailed high quality images needed for construction, mapping, environmental monitoring and a wide range of industrial & roof surveys. These aerial surveys are also a key asset for flood management and other water industry related issues.

We conduct aerial surveys at altitudes between ground level and 400ft, filling the niche between ground based surveys and those undertaken by manned aircraft at higher altitudes.


Aerial surveys are an excellent way of surveying anything out of reach. UAVs allow environmental monitoring and industrial inspections at inaccessible locations as well as in those too dangerous to send personnel into. UAVs can take off and land virtually anywhere not only minimising downtime but enabling our team to carry out highly accurate detailed inspections and data capture.

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