Building & Land Measurement Surveys


The range of surveying services we can supply include Measured Building Surveys, Topographical and Land Surveys all of which can be tailored to suit a specific project.

Using the very latest Reflectorless Electronic Distance Measurement (total stations) and laser measuring devices, we undertake to collect, process and deliver the survey information efficiently and to the highest standard, on time and within budget.



The drawings can be used for a wide variety of applications from large complex commercial/residential developments through to smaller planning applications, refurbishments, extensions or new builds; from layout reconfiguration to space planning, net internal calculations and evidenced support for valuation reports and project management.

All our Measured Building Surveys, Topographical and Land Surveys are prepared to an accurate scale, depending on your specifications and in accordance with the RICS Measured surveys of land, buildings and utilities, – 3rd edition.

Measured Building Surveys are accurate and detailed representations in the form of drawings of a building showing structural elements and architectural features.

A Measured Building Survey would normally include a series of drawings such as Floor Plans, Elevations and Sections. Other services such as Internal Elevations and Reflected Ceiling Plans can also be included within a Measured Building Survey.

We understand that every project is slightly different and as such one or more of the services described above are available.

Topographical Surveys or Land Surveys are accurate representations of an area and are used to show all existing natural and man-made features, including buildings, land features and physical boundary details, on a scaled drawing.

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